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Socio-economic Research

In this area, years ago, IFOS has made the choice of the electronic solution to conduct the socio-economic surveys for several reasons related to the quality of work that can be done that way.
This approach assisted by technology improves data quality, time and efficiency in this type of collection and analysis of data and significantly reducing the cost of operations. Simplifying the preparation and implementation of the field work, reducing the time of data collection and measurement errors and data entry, and eliminating the intermediate step of manual data entry of paper forms to the database for analysis, the solution proposed by the electronic solution proposed by IFOS contributes to the objectives of DQA making more reliable results and more readily available: Validity, Precision, Accuracy, Availability when needed, Integrity. Based on experience, IFOS believes that a system of data collection based on strict criteria and applied by a consistently supervised team of experienced professionals is the best guarantee of reliable data collection. IFOS adheres to USAID standards offering five criteria to assess the data quality, process in which the standard is applied to the collection, where we constantly monitoring the collection process, transmission systems and data and documentation archiving (USAID-Data Quality Assessment: DQA).
Market Research
Evaluation of students basic skills
Electronic data collection
Hosting and Management of database
Training of the enumerators' teams and supervisors
Realization of socio-economic community maps
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