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Capacity Building
The IFOS defines capacity building as a coordinated, participatory process that engages individuals, organizations and communities to develop and strengthen the skills that increase their autonomy. Community organizations with the conception of capacity, manage, deliver, evaluate and support targeted programs that improve the quality of life. To some extent, all activities of the IFOS seeks capacity building and the concept is an essential part of our mission to "promote and support initiatives for socio-economic development in communities through technical assistance and capacity building as well as through the realization of development projects that remain undoubtedly pathways towards sustainable development centered on the basic and local communities. "Our work in this field aim to support communities and local actors to become independent - to guide their own learning, drive their own development, and to improve their own quality of life.
Institutional and organizational capacity assessment
Development of organizational strengthening plan
Organizational and community leadership
Peaceful resolution of organizational and community conflicts
Supervision of groups in social and economic initiatives to community and local development
Promotion of democratic practices in associative structures
Management of micro enterprise
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