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Profile of key managers
IFOS is a partnership that is managed by an executive committee of three (3) members. Operations are managed by an Executive Director who is mandated by the Executive Committee. The Executive Director is accompanied by a full-time staff of twelve (12) persons.
Our Team
IFOS has a team of twenty three (23) people based in Hinche since 2010 through the implementation of a project to strengthen the capacity of local actors in all communes in the "Plateau Central" and the communes of the north east department. It also has a network of twenty five (25) enumerators trained and experienced the technical and implementation of socio-economic surveys.
Since September 2012, IFOS is established in Cap Haitien as a sub contractor for the implementation of the activities of two (2) projects funded by USAID and the World Bank in the North North-East region. It has mobilized for this purpose a team of about one hundred fifty (150) young academics and professionals trained in the fields of Agronomy, Administrative and Management Sciences, Educational Sciences, Sociology, etc.. .
The consultants and the trainers of IFOS are professionals/experts with an average of ten to fifteen years of experience in various fields such as agriculture, the rural economy and solidarity, coordination and facilitation, Management and development sciences, local development, decentralization and local governance, sociology, capacity building and training, etc...IFOS is also partnering with other firms that offer complementary services and/or similar to his in order to provide quality services to its customers.
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