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Our approach

IFOS practice the customer oriented approach, where it is the customers and learners' needs that guide our actions and learning activities.

We do training: We do it differently, we use games and activities that engage participants. We keep them, hold them in interaction with each other and with the training's content. We design our courses faster, better, at an affordable price and with a process that eliminates unnecessary steps.
Come play with us, come to our training to learn by playing!

Five factors that make our training workshops UNIQUE
Accelerated:Trainers/Facilitators of IFOS keep you totally engrossed by interactive presentations, discussions and creative activities.
Functional: The facilitators of IFOS use the techniques they teach. Just by watching them in action, you will have learned strategies and effective techniques.
Authoritarian: At IFOS, we talk about what we know, our workshops are based on solid theory, validated principles and solid experience. We apply what we learn and we teach what we apply.
Practice:We empower you with tools, realistic and effective techniques for an immediate use and application on the job market today.
Fun: The enthusiasm of our trainers/facilitators is contagious, inclusive humor and irreverent flexibility will make you enjoy every moment of the workshop.
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