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Capacity building is a key factor of the progresses' acceleration that lead to the realization of personal development, organizational, community and national level. This is one of the most delicate areas of concrete action to development. So, endow the institutions, organizations, communities and the country of sustainable capacity, able to plan and implement policies, programs and development projects; personal skills, institutional, community and national is one of the fundamental objectives of IFOS. That is why IFOS has made capacity building, the primary axis of its interventions. Process (Capacity Building) by which individuals, organizations and the community as a whole unleash, strengthen, create, adapt and maintain the capacities over the years. Bound with technical assistance as a contribution of "knowing how to do" in the form of human resources, training and research activities are therefore the means by which IFOS wants to contribute to raising the level of knowledge, skills, technical know-how or productive aptitude of the development actors working in Haiti and the entire Haitian population. With an approach that puts people in a learning situation "by action and for action", IFOS makes sure that people learn by having fun.

We encourage you to do the experience of an activity with IFOS and you'll discover by yourself how we help the development actors to improve their performance by playing.

So, welcome to IFOS, your home, our home!